Health and Wellbeing Program

Rehabilitation at Home

Extended hospital treatment and stays can be uncomfortable and tedious – away from your family and your home.

Our Rehabilitation at Home program may provide you with access to a range of rehabilitation and healthcare services from the privacy, safety and comfort of your own home. Your treating doctor or specialist will assess your needs and determine if Rehabilitation at Home is appropriate for you.

Rehabilitation at Home is a package of services designed to help you recover at home from your surgical procedure, similar to what you would receive in a hospital rehabilitation facility. It includes up to eight weeks of specialised health professional support, with a dedicated care coordinator that will organise services for you and be in contact with you regularly to help guide and support you through your recovery.

Who is Rehabilitation at Home suitable for?

  • Members who would otherwise need to stay in hospital for inpatient rehabilitation
  • Members who have been admitted to a hospital for surgical and medical conditions including:
    • Joint replacements
    • Fractures
    • Reconditioning
    • Neurological conditions
    • Spinal conditions and surgeries
    • Respiratory and cardiac conditions
    • Mobility problems and falls

Rehabilitation at Home is available for members directly after a hospital admission as a continuation of your care. You can receive treatment at home that you would otherwise need to receive in hospital.

Services that may be included in Rehabilitation at Home:

  • Clinical care services
    • Nursing support to help you with dressings, wound care and medication management
    • Physiotherapy, to improve your strength, balance, mobility and safety at home
    • Occupational therapy, to help you achieve independence and safety in activities of daily living, like dressing and showing
  • Other services
    • Personal care, to help with showering and dressing
    • Domestic assistance like meals and cleaning to assists in the early days after leaving hospital

Services not included in Rehabilitation at Home:

  • Personal care or living assistance services only. Clinical services are an integral part of the referral to the program.

Checking your eligibility

Taking the first step

First stop for more information about the program eligibility criteria is right here, on the website. You can use this info as a first check to see if the program is suitable for your needs.

Checking your policy eligibility

Our friendly team are on hand to discuss your eligibility for your chosen program. Simply call 1300 937 838 or email

Checking your clinical eligibility

Once we’ve confirmed your policy eligibility, we can organise for our program partners to contact you and confirm clinical eligibility and next steps.

Currently receiving treatment in hospital?

If you’re planning on continuing your care using the program, it’s important to get a referral from your doctor before you leave hospital – once discharged, you’re no longer eligible.

We want you to focus on the most important thing – your health. If you have any other questions about the programs, reach out to our Health and Wellbeing team and we’ll be happy to help.

Policy eligibility

Rehabilitation at Home is available to all financial Westfund members, who have held Gold or Silver tier hospital cover for at least two months. (This excludes our Bronze and Basic Hospital covers). Members cannot concurrently be enrolled in more than one Hospital-Substitute Treatment program.

Members must also meet the following criteria:

  • Be otherwise required to stay in hospital for their treatment
  • Be clinically stable and have approval from the hospital care team
  • Be in hospital at the time of referral
  • Have appropriate supports in the home e.g. carer or other support
  • Live in a suitable environment with access to a telephone
  • Be suitable for Rehabilitation at Home services (able to follow instructions, safe at home)
  • Agree to be in a Rehabilitation at Home program
  • Must not have received inpatient rehab already as part of the current hospital admission

How to access the program

To start things off, we’ll need a referral from your treating doctor or specialist. From here, Remedy Healthcare will be in touch to determine your eligibility according to your individual clinical needs and your level of cover. If you are eligible for the program, you will receive your home services at no cost to you.

Ask your hospital or doctor to contact Remedy Healthcare on 1300 734 224 or email them on

More information

Further information about the Rehabilitation at Home program is available here.

Westfund members are able to enquire about eligibility and obtain further information by contacting Remedy Healthcare on 1300 734 224. You can also complete the enquiry form below.